VuePress has been using webpackopen in new window as the bundler to dev and build sites. Since VuePress v2, other tools like Viteopen in new window are also supported.

Although it is possible to create other bundler packages by community users, currently we only suggest to use the bundlers provided by VuePress team.

Choose a Bundler

When using the vuepressopen in new window package, webpack bundler is installed and used automatically.

If you want to use vite bundler instead, you can switch to vuepress-viteopen in new window package:

yarn remove vuepress
yarn add -D vuepress-vite@next
npm uninstall vuepress
npm install -D vuepress-vite@next

Bundler Config

Generally, you could use a bundler without extra configuration, because we have already configured them properly to work with VuePress.

Similar to themeConfig, VuePress also allows users to set bundler config via bundlerConfig.

You can refer to Bundlers > Webpack and Bundlers > Vite to check out all options of the corresponding bundler.